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Game Thread: Knicks vs Warriors

Strep Curry brings his sickness to New York.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Whats happenin', gorgeous? The Golden State Warriors are in the Empire State to raze the Garden of Madison Square.

So Steph isn't going to be able to have a walking fast break. Big whup. The Warriors nearly just blew it against the 76ers, so I get the distinct feeling that they intend to tighten some things up. Call me cynical, but that could prove problematic for the Knicks.

As per the norm, everyone turned out early to see this bloody normal bloke do a bit of mischief to the rims during pre-game warm ups.

Well that was good for a bit of giggle. Let's hope the game doesn't go head over biscuit, eh?

Hey the tip is at 7:30. You are inside the game thread if you can see this! No large photos, gifs or links to illegal streams thank you very much. The Warriors are over at Golden State of Mind, go have a laugh with them if ya feel friendly. Good crew, they are. Don't be a hairy little bugger! Go the Knicks!