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Warriors 116, Knicks 95: Scenes from a storm half-weathered

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Well, not much to say. The Knicks can afford letting the Warriors shoot the lights out when they are simultaneously forcing endless turnovers and making pretty nice things happen on offense:

When the turnover well dries up and the rim freezes, it's just a whole lot of this:

At least Melo got to scratch up Steph's stupid pretty face:

(Side note: Watching Kristaps Porzingis get repeatedly worked by Draymond Green was I just feel so certain he's gonna watch that tape and learn a whole lot about how small/smart teams defend and attack him.)

The Knicks acquitted themselves pretty fine in the first half. I was disappointed to see them let the game slip away in the second. These things happen especially against the Warriors.