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The P&T guide to the most wonderful time of the year: 10-day contract season!

So many players to choose from, so little commitment.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Christmas has passed, New Year's has passed, which leaves us free to focus on the most important holiday of all.

That's right, friends, it's 10-Day Contract Signing Day Eve! When the clock strikes midnight on Jan. 5, and basketball fans are snug in their beds, the 10-Day Contract Emu will visit the houses of every girl and boy and deliver a fresh D-Leaguer. Don't forget to leave him a insects and a gizzard stone to grind up his food, or he might leave you Ronnie Brewer!

So how do 10-days work? Any team with an open roster spot -- hey, the Knicks have an open roster spot -- can sign an unaffiliated player (NBA teams control the rights to certain D-League prospects) to a maximum of two 10-day deals. After the second deal expires, the team must either lock the player up for the rest of the season or part ways.

The Knicks were major players in the 10-Day market last season, as one would expect from a 17-win club. Three players on the current roster -- Langston Galloway, Lance Thomas and Lou Amundson -- first played for New York on 10-day deals. So did Ricky Ledo! Exciting, isn't it?

Head coach Derek Fisher played off the subject of adding a player, per Newsday: "I'm sure it's something they're looking at or considering. But I haven't been involved in those conversations just yet." This current iteration of the orange and blue could certain use another Galloway or Thomas, and I'm sure Phil Jackson, Clarence Gaines and the scouting crew have been doing their homework.

Who might they be considering? They have a few guards and wings stashed away in Westchester: Jimmer Fredette, Travis Trice, Thanasis Antetokounmpo. We've already covered a few candidates from outside the organization:

Tony Wroten: recently released from the 76ers, there's been some buzz that the Knicks might be interested.

Elliot Williams: another former Sixer, he's leading the D-League in scoring.

Toure' Murry: a former Knick who has shown some improved point guard skills.

Sean Kilpatrick: a sniper down in Delaware, but his hot shooting might not last.

We here at P&T will keep you up to date on all the 10-day news to come. Until then, go out and catch some bugs, pick out a nice gizzard stone and hope that the Emu brings us a decent guard!