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Derrick Williams is at his best when he's constantly running

Always pumping those legs!

The Knicks have stuttered through their games this season, often stuck searching for themselves. Their season has been a veritable game of runs within the game of runs. Derrick Williams has slipped around Derek Fisher's rotation like one of several marbles in a pachinko machine of revelations. You don't always see him, and even when you do, he might not show up. In this latest stretch, this pair of Ders is popping a few extra quarters in the machine and getting some very satisfying results.

Williams' game seems to be measured in Kelvins. Stare at them numbers and you get to wondering which way is up. It's a big triangular learning curve with a steep drop at some paradoxical median. They didn't teach this stuff growing up! You might have the horses to race you to the peak or maybe the wind in your face on the ensuing descent. It will take one's own ingenuity, however, to deal with the trudge across the expansive plain to get back to the starting point. Now we start the climb to the summit anew as we build character through constance and repetition. The season within the seasons.

Though Derrick's spot in the rotation, as determined by Derek, seemed to be robbed by a faulty pachinko machine, one thing is for certain: the human-enriched pawls that keep his legs churning to the summit for these flailing and acrobatic rim attacks are tons of fun to watch! Derrick always seems to be running up into the air so that he can get an extra bit of oomph to go through and over defenders. Then on the way down, it's almost like a puppy being lowered into a bath. All his limbs, and even his hair, flap and swing no matter what he's getting up to.

This guy has very clearly played some of the other Knick signees onto the bench. Not to mention, when the other guys got their chances, Derrick never barked about it. Derrick is a good dog and his good play has been rewarded with a longer lead for himself and tangentially the team! Well, alright, I've blathered quite enough. Let's watch Derrick perpetually truck.