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The Knicks finally executed the Kristaps lob in a crucial moment

The Spurs beat the Knicks. The Spurs are categorically better than the Knicks and nigh unbeatable on their home floor. The Knicks came SO close, though, and I attribute that to exemplary defensive effort and a game-long resolve to keep the offense organized. Derek Fisher coached the hell out of that game, and even though shots didn't fall, the Knicks gave themselves a ton of great chances.

Speaking of great chances, check it out!

Down 3 coming out of a timeout, the Knicks got themselves a quick, easy bucket (crucial in a 2-for-1 situation) with one of Fisher's pet plays. We talked 2 months ago about this play, which is very cool but took some practice to execute properly.

It's got a whole bunch of options, the first of which is Kristaps Porzingis, cutting to the rim over a screen from Carmelo Anthony, then catching a wide-open lob.


Because Melo set a great screen, because Kawhi Leonard got suuuuuper lost and didn't switch to protect the rim, and because Arron Afflalo executed his lob perfectly, the Knicks found that option last night:


It's a fun play, and other things could happen. If someone neglects the guards on that initial cross-over, one of them could be open in a corner. If Leonard and LaMarcus Aldridge miscommunicated and both ran to the rim, Melo would be open up top.

And if Aldridge had sniffed out the lob and hung back to prevent it, well, we know what happens then:

Fucking Hornets and their garbage-ass clocks.

Anyway, great play. Great time to use it. Great execution. Feeling pretty good about the Knicks right now.