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That time Kobe Bryant goaded Carmelo Anthony into destroying rookie Larry Nance Jr.

The Lakers forward tells a tale of Melo’s wrath.

NBA: New York Knicks at Los Angeles Lakers Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Though he is usually benevolent and paternal toward rookies on his own team, Carmelo Anthony can be extremely cruel to opposing rooks, particularly those who dare to try and guard him. Youngsters from around the league swap hushed tales of Melo jab-stepping and raining jumpers until they cry “uncle”.

Los Angeles Lakers forward Larry Nance Jr. told one such story during a Basketball Insiders podcast:

I suppose Nance is referring to the Knicks’ 90-87 win in L.A. on March 13, when Melo entered the game at the 9:00 mark in the fourth quarter and dropped a quick 12 points on Nance with a variety of jumpers. Melo also scored 11 fourth-quarter points in New York’s 99-95 win over the Lakers, but Nance wasn’t on the court for most of that. Long story short, Melo punked the Lakers in the fourth quarter on both occasions.

Man, final-year Kobe Bryant did not give a fuck, did he? I’m sure Nance appreciated the old codger taunting one of the best scorers in the league until burnt the Lakers to the ground. Oh well ... better luck next time, rook.