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Posting and Toasting is looking for contributors!

Maybe you!

Nelson And Napoleon Auction At Christies Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

With the 2016-17 season about to begin and our beloved New York Knicks set to start basketballing ever so soon, Posting and Toasting is looking for contributors. If you love the Knicks and feel compelled compelled to write many words about them, this gig might just be for you.

This wouldn’t be a paid position, but it does offer an opportunity to talk Knicks with the best damn community on the Internet. [Holds for applause] SB Nation is a great way to get started in the writing game and its ever-growing reach in the sports community allows all writers a strong platform to have their voice reach beyond the P&T family.

Here are the types of assignments that will be available:

  • Game previews.
  • Game recaps, particularly Tuesday and Thursday evenings.
  • Recaps for the Westchester Knicks.
  • Analytical pieces, preferably with video, like the ones our own Jonathan Schulman has been known cook up.

We’re on the lookout for committed Knicks fans who know the team and write with a unique, fun style. Some other skills would be helpful, including:

  • Video/gif making and editing abilities
  • X's and O's understanding
  • Stats expertise/ability to interpret and present stats
  • Salary cap understanding

If you are interested, please submit 200-500 words about one of the preseason games (Oct. 4 at Houston, Oct. 8 vs. Brooklyn, Oct. 10 vs. Washington) to It can be a straight-up recap or, even better, a piece analyzing a specific play, a trend, a player's performance, etc. We’ll be accepting submissions until Oct. 13.

Go Knicks!