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Joakim Noah is teaching Kristaps Porzingis his defensive tricks, which means the NBA is doomed

“When I met you, I was but the learner...”

New York Knicks v Houston Rockets Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

The New York Knicks’ defense was a big ole stew of poop and Lima beans during Tuesday’s 130-103 loss to the Houston Rockets. One of the most important developments in the game happened on the sideline, however, as an injured Joakim Noah took the opportunity to talk with Kid Unicorn, Kristaps Porzingis. Chris Herring captured the moment for posterity.

What did the two discuss? According to Marc Berman, the former Defensive Player of the Year imparted upon Kristaps that which he knows best:

“It was about defense. He’s one of the best defenders in the league and he’s a big man. Just giving me advice on how to play pick-and-roll defense and [saying] we have to communicate more. He’s giving me little tips about defense.

“It’s good to have a guy like that for a young guy coming into the league. He’s there for me to help with little details, how he can help me defensively — against quick guys, shooters whatever. He’s been in the league for a long time. He’s really helpful.’’

This is the dream, friends: Noah taking the youngster under his wing. Kristaps was already one of the league’s better defenders last season, blessed with the tenacity to match his absurd length and athleticism. Look what he did ... LOOK AT IT!

Now he is being taught be a true master of the craft. That should terrify the rest of the league.

Oh, and he can shoot a little, too.

The rest of the team can flop around like a pile of dying fish for the next few months, but as long as Kristaps continues to improve I’ll be a happy man.