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Carmelo Anthony was a guest on The Daily Show

It is now officially “The Dai7y Show”

Carmelo Anthony, New York Knicks sportsman of note and ‘80s sweater aficionado, appeared on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah to talk basketball and activism.

This should go without saying, but it would have been great to have Jon Stewart on here, a Jersey guy and a longtime Knicks fan. I remember his interview with Julianne Moore from back in the day where basically all they did was talk Knicks for 10 minutes.

On second thought, Julianne Moore would have been a great choice to interview Melo as well.

The Rio Olympics was brought up, as was the Zika virus (for some reason). “They felt disrespected that we kept talking about Zika,” Melo said.

Melo was honest about his foundation, saying that it evolved over the years as he grew up and figured out what he really wanted to work toward. Clearly the guy has things figured out now, as The Carmelo Anthony Foundation is frequently lauded as one of the best-run athlete charities in the world.