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The Knicks gave a wounded veteran the greatest gift of all: a dog

The gift that keeps on giving.

Would you like to see a wounded serviceman receive the gift of a very good service dog? Of course you would. The Knicks organization stepped up to the plate during Wednesday’s game, honoring Sergeant Luciano Yulfo with the greatest surprise anyone can receive: a dog.

His name is Murphy, and he is very good. Also Larry Johnson was there!

Of course, the organization couldn’t pull off their Hoops for Troops night without some insane Knicksian controversy, so behold: Sockgate!

Mediocre damage control, at best. Personally, I was hoping the Knicks would go with something like “The special ink from the socks irritated the skin on Noah’s ankles” or the classic dodge, “I don’t know who you’re talking about; we don’t have a player named Joakim Noah.”

In the end, it’s just socks, B.