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Wizards 119, Knicks: ‘My life is beginning to feel like a fake comeback’

Don’t call it a comeback. It’s a fake comeback.

NBA: New York Knicks at Washington Wizards Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks fell by as much as 27 points but made the final box score seem like a fun, high scoring match. In reality it was a deliberate and bold drubbing. Thankfully Brandon Jennings loves to attack the odds and decided to take a home run swing for the win. He connected on a triple (get it?). Then another (do you get it?) and suddenly the Knicks had it rolling. Too little too late however and as Walt Clyde Phraser said in the game thread, “My life is beginning to feel like a fake comeback.”

These Knicks have faced a few very gettable games so far and they just haven’t capitalized. Against the Celtics, they were out-muscled and quit. Then in DC against a team that is pulling itself apart they couldn’t stand up to the Wizards. Some thoughts...

  • Markieff Morris and Otto Porter shut down the Knicks top guns. Carmelo Anthony barely showed up and Kristaps Porzingis didn’t seem like the same player that smacked 35 on the Pistons. Morris thrust his chest all the way up to Porzingis’ belly and didn’t allow him the space to turn cleanly. Porzingis wound up forcing shots and over-dribbling. Anthony was bumped off his spots and settled rather easily.
  • Morris didn’t put up huge numbers and even unloaded one of the most gas-faced air balloons you’ll see this year, but his defiance to the Porzingis phenomenon was integral to the Wizards success.
  • Otto-matic Porter continued his early season success and just couldn’t miss a shot. The Wizards connected on 15 of their 25 three-pointers in all and Otto was 4-5. Granted, John Wall’s court vision is outstanding, but Porter deserves to be lauded for doing an excellent job getting free and setting his feet.
  • The pick and roll play that sprung Joakim Noah in the previous game was nonexistent against Washington. Noah’s effort sputtered and slipped until finally he was pulled. A frustrating night for Joakim, who got bopped with a technical. Maybe it’s just me but Noah seems to be unclear what the Knicks are running on offense from time to time. Not surprisingly the fake comeback was engaged with Noah firmly planted on the plush NBA pine.
  • Courtney Lee has never rejected a pick and roll.
  • There is a parallel universe wherein Marcin Gortat is Omer Asik. In this universe Patrick Ewing is better than Hakeem Olajuwon and Steph Curry slid to New York. The Knicks also drafted Ron Artest and Brandon Jennings in this alternate reality.
  • Speaking of Jennings the whole team runs harder for him and takes smart routes in transition when he’s at the wheel. It’s starting to seem like he is the best point guard the team employs. Which should tell you a lot about what the Knicks might be capable of this season.
  • Along with Maurice Ndour and Justin Holiday, the team’s engagement just goes way up with these lanky, speedy, athletic zanies. Of course Ndour and Jennings lack the focus and discipline of Holiday but nevertheless they alter the game when they check in. Generally it proves positive too.
  • Jason Smith plays for the Wizards. So obviously his stink just hung in the air and kept Melo from being able to focus.
  • Porzingis can have a marvelous night but he’s going to have to dig deeper than that when his offense isn’t controlling the flow of the game. The Knicks too need to dig deeper and search for answers more rapidly. New York simply folded and succumbed to frustration. That’s not going to get it done.
  • I would be remiss not dis the Wizards a little bit. Their uniforms looked like a Kill Bill themed dodge ball outfit. Kelly Oubre looks like a Rae Sremmurd-themed standard poodle. Kelly Oubre looks like a Wheaten Terrier themed Alpaca. Kelly Oubre is the next Otto Porter-themed Wizard.

What a night. The Brandon Jennings-led fake comeback was super cute. It was hilarious that he would even try but I wholeheartedly support it. This kid was born to be a Knick. The next game is Sunday at noon against a soaring Hawks team, and I would not hold out much hope for that one. So the real question is, who is better at faking comebacks: Brandon Jennings or Derrick Rose?*

Look at this picture. You got the guy up top who knows its true. A mom and dad who want to hide from the truth. A son who only knows it as true. Mo Williams is over there thinking, “Sheeeeeit. I dropped 52 like last week.” And this guy who made a sign that is true, and you know it’s true because it hurts.

*ǝsoɹ ʞɔıɹɹǝp