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This Week in Knicks Social Media: Sasha Vujacic mourns Leonard Cohen, Joakim Noah mourns ODB

Your ‘bockers stay focused in turbulent times

ODB Prison Release Press Conference Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images

Alright alright alright, your faithful reporter chiniqua here, back on the social media beat.

Holistically speaking, the last 10 days or so have been a doozy for just about anyone? And your beloved New York Knicks? How are they feeling? Well, who the hell knows. But perhaps the Twitter and Instagram machines can give us some insight.

Let’s start on Monday, shall we?

Brandon Jennings is a big Raiders fan. He’s also the relatively new father of the epically named Legend Truth Jennings, whose name competes only with his cuteness. No. 3 gave us the gift of his son somewhat inexplicably but very adorably eating a birthday cake made to look like Dad’s jersey. Is this some Oedipal reflection on how eventually the son passes the father as time gets us all? Whatever, this baby is cute.

Marshall Plumlee, our very own Plumlee, seems to be taking the token Plumlee role in stride. Last Monday night he and Sasha and Willy and KP (that’s 28 ft. of Knickerbocker right there) went to a New York City Football Club game, where his Plumlee-ness was captured on the Jumbotron to the delight of all.

On the big screen trying to ignore the haters AKA my teammates @kporzee @willyhernangomez @sashavujacic Thanks to @NYCFC !

A video posted by Marshall Plumlee (@marshallplumlee40) on

Leave it to OAKAAK & Westchester GM Allan Houston to be the only team-adjacent person to start Election Day morning off specifically politically. Management has its privileges.

Good on you, #20.

The rest of that day was pretty quiet. Then, late in the evening, Joakim Noah broke the silence and spoke for many.

Sasha Vujacic celebrated a much-needed win at home against Brooklyn with a great picture and a hashtag I am STILL trying to figure out.

protect your home @nyknicks Knicks fans #nekotoodgorevidisve #knicks

A photo posted by Sasha Vujacic (@sashavujacic) on

but things took a sadder turn for The Machine later in the day as news of Leonard Cohen’s death spread. Sasha, it turns out, is a big Leonard Cohen fan.

Thank you for your masterpieces RIP Leonard Cohen. #ripleonardcohen #legend #oneofthegreatest

A photo posted by Sasha Vujacic (@sashavujacic) on

Really big. Like multiple tributes and article RTs. Maybe he felt kind of alone, since Cohen’s passing seems to have passed the rest of the team on by.

... And now the first appearance of RON BAKER (!!!), who gives us this delightful re-tweet from a fan. Your hair is better Ron, but the kid has you beat expression-wise.

But with arrivals we have departures, and Justin Holiday (like many of us) decided that maybe The Twitter was not helping him live his best life anymore. Hard to blame him.

Don’t worry though ... he’ll still be posting scripture.

Noah, still (not?) in the zone his Friday. Maybe he’s referring to his appearance on Friday Night Knicks.

And now we come to Kyle O’Quinn, who maybe has a phone-related seizure disorder, or maybe is doing a Sam Jackson Twitter impersonation, but most likely enjoys making up acronyms when he gets excited while watching sportsball.

etc. Any college sportsballologists able to interpret?

24 hours later ...

KO’Q was back at it.

... but not totally incapable of coherent thought and musical advice

And then we get a sweet story from the Sweet Daug, Mindaugas Kuzminskas, returning to the arena where he saw his first-ever NBA game, but now as a player. The Daug clearly has some kind of powers because that picture is from 14 years ago and he looks exactly the same. Or maybe that picture is from Saturday and he just looks 13 now? They brew some strong magik in Lithuania.

Finally, I’m just gonna let Noah play us off. RIP, ODB. We all like it raw.