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How are the Knicks celebrating Thanksgiving?

Derrick Rose hanging out in Melo’s house; Justin Holiday hosting the rookies.

California Turkey Farm Raises Mainstay Of Thanksgiving Dinner Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all. The time has come to eat, drink and be thankful for a .500 New York Knicks club.

But what are your Knickerbockers doing on this most auspicious of holidays? In the case of Derrick Rose, he’s horning in on Carmelo Anthony’s food, per Ian Begley:

"My mom and everybody, my son, will be back in Chicago. So yeah, I'm thankful I have somewhere to go," Rose said of heading to Anthony's for the holiday.

"I just asked where his family's (going) and asked if it was cool if I came over. He said yeah so I don't think I have to bring anything but an appetite. Yeah, that's the only thing I have to bring right now."

From now on I fully intend to utilize the Derrick Rose Dinner Guest Etiquette: I asked if I could come over and you said ‘yeah’ so I don’t think I have to bring anything but an appetite. I can just imagine Melo, Derrick and Kiyan chilling in front of the TV, watching football, while poor La La slaves over a hot stove. Boys are jerks.

But what about the rookies? Won’t somebody please think of the rookies???? Thanks be to veteran Justin Holiday, who is taking most of the Knicks’ youngsters under his (turkey) wing:

Hopefully Justin calls his brother Jrue during dinner: “I’m eating with the best damn rookies in the NBA. Nah, Kristaps isn’t here ... he’s probably in the gym right now, getting even better. Oh, by the way, I just remembered you are a free agent this summer.”

That “Kristaps spending Thanksgiving in the gym” story is probably true. Be thankful for Kristaps.