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Knicks 113, Hornets 111: Scenes from an overfed slugfest


NBA: Charlotte Hornets at New York Knicks Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Robert Randolph doubled down tonight by showing up to play at the Garden and the double negative reversed the Friday night curse. Carmelo Anthony really proved he’s got the juice. He carried the team right from the jump and brought them back from the dead in the second half. Kristaps Porzingis still manages to be one of the most imposing players on the floor despite not having the juice. That kid had a strangely majestic off night. Derrick Rose alternated between slipping and sipping on the juice. Weirdo game. let’s have a looksee at some critical moments.

It was one of these nights for Carmelo...

And one of these nights...

He spatchcocked that turkey soup.

Kristaps had a couple of these, but this one was the most pivotal.

Melo game winner.

That’s six wins in a row at home for the Knicks. They’ll get right back at it against the Hornets tomorrow night in Charlotte. I would expect Kemba Walker to be much better tomorrow. So take a deep breath, get those electrolytes pumping and sit down on your couch again. Or perhaps on the edge of your ottoman, you extravagant traveller, you.