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This Week in Knicks Social Media: Knicks of many nations give thanks

Thanksgiving knows no borders when it comes to the ‘Bockers.

Hello, beloved jive turkeys. I hope each and every one of you had a wonderful holiday and bought nine new televisions and all the Hatchanimals you could get your hands on!

What have the Knicks been up to recently? Glad you asked! The answer is that your New York Knickerbockers have been upping their social media game big time (winning more loosens up twitter fingers considerably).

Let’s jump right in with the Unicorn himself, Kristaps Porzingis. Generally speaking KP’s accounts are a lot of pictures of himself on the court (Yay! But not really comment-worthy), but sometimes we get up in some Latvian pride. As you know, Latvia was founded on November 18, a day to truly celebrate as it indirectly brought us our ‘Taps.

Happy Birthday, Latvia!

Willy Hernangomez likes to post pictures of himself and KP, which makes it all a lot cuter ...

... and because these two are totally a basket of adorables together, KP answers (in Spanish!)

The Knicks organization got into the holiday spirit at a Garden of Dreams Foundation Thanksgiving Dinner featuring players hilariously wearing chef hats and serving food lunch-room style. Here’s Mindaugus Kuzminskas giving us a look:

While we’re on the subject of Cheese, looks like when our boy isn’t on the court he’s checking out Broadway. Hopefully he and Sasha can talk Leonard Cohen together!

W today and 3rd musical in Broadway! Love it. What a good day!:)

A photo posted by Mindaugas Kuzminskas (@mkuzminskas) on

Sasha Vujacic might be our most fabulously Euro player of all. Ever since he got his hair cut, The Machine has been slaying with high-grade je ne sais quoi. Here he reminds us of what’s important: fam. Also that he is a man of many tongues (that google could not translate). And that damn hashtag.

But what is family to Sasha? A mystery inside a riddle inside a pendant next to a matchbook-shaped box inside a mural...

Friends are chosen family Thank you bratko @cvetkovalex for an incredible thought/gift limvo #nekotoodgorevidisve

A photo posted by Sasha Vujacic (@sashavujacic) on

Long-time Knicks social media watchers will know that our heyday was obviously Tahiri-era JR Smith, followed up by Me7o when he gets salty at fans. Since then we’ve gone downhill, with only Kevin Seraphin offering quantity but not always quality, so it brings me much happiness to report that the ‘16 - ‘17 Knicks are looking like they might bring back the glory days. High on the list of our new shooting stars is Marshall Plumlee.

Here Marsh shows us that his stint with the Westchester Knicks was worthwhile (and that he’s not Robin Lopez).

And here he is with his older brother. Our Plumlee is taller than yours! Give thanks.

This Thanksgiving I'm thankful for family!

A photo posted by Marshall Plumlee (@marshallplumlee40) on

Courtney Lee got into the Thanksgiving spirit with a truly magnificent Photoshop montage. Or maybe MS Paint. Could go either way. Please study in detail and appreciate the finer points.

Happy thanksgiving to all including all jive turkeys!!!!

A photo posted by Courtney Lee (@courtneylee) on

the real gold, however, is in the comments:

That’s right! MarsPlum, showing up and calling out. And sure enough, look a day earlier and there it is:

The Knicks are ready for turkey time! Are you!? #Knicks #thanksgiving #turkeytime

A photo posted by Marshall Plumlee (@marshallplumlee40) on

further thing to ponder: MP may have actually made this himself. Talent!

Finally, let’s wrap this up where we started, a couple of shots with our Sevilla brothers, the Unicorn and Willy, the handsomest man in basketball.

Happy thanksgiving for everybody!! #NewYork #Knicks @kporzee

A photo posted by Willy Hernangómez Geuer (@willyhernangomez) on

(Looks like the unicorn thing is sticking.)

@kporzee #knicks #14 #6 #Repost @nyknicks with @repostapp ・・・ Unicorn. #NYKvsCHA #Knicks

A video posted by Willy Hernangómez Geuer (@willyhernangomez) on

Gobble gobble gobble.