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Jazz 114, Knicks 109: Matinee scenes from a frantic pisser

It was a pretty good game.

NBA: Utah Jazz at New York Knicks Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks were actually awake for an early game. That type of clarity is typically a rarity. For parity the Jazz were also early risers, showing temerity and dexterity. The rim mics were tuned tight and caught some of Carmelo Anthony’s usual rebound vulgarity. In all sincerity this was a fun one despite the undesirable outcome of the win-loss polarity. The first half wasn’t all chaff for Utah, however. They shot 38% and still managed to keep pace because New York was hacking and whacking. The steady stream of charity had them stacking what they were lacking.

Kristaps Porzingis and Anthony had some ferociously hot shooting first quarters. The Knicks just couldn’t keep it going. The antsy matinee crowd implored Melo to get rid of the ball more quickly, which he didn’t seem to appreciate. Not the first time we’ve seen that from the Garden faithful, an ominous sign nonetheless.

In the fourth quarter both teams went small and the Knicks fed Utah a steady diet of Derrick Rose pick and roll with Kristaps Porzingis. Rose got a lot of stuff going that way. Unfortunately the Knicks missed some bunnies and just couldn’t get stops on the other end. Should-be All-Star George Hill was just much too much for any New York demon to master him. Then Rudy Gobert and Rodney Hood traded pivotal plays down the stretch snaring the victory.

Hey look, it’s not all bad. The Knicks are really trying to feature Porzingis. Bless ‘em, cos a lot of these other fools seem to get the ball all easy and just don’t deserve it. Take a look at the majestic flamingo.

Just in case you need these pure shots of adrenaline:

Brandon Jennings and Kyle O’Quinn had some super synergistic moments. One wily high post entry to O’Quinn was spun back out as a behind-the-back bounce pass to Jennings who rejected an attempt at the cup to pass to Justin Holiday in the right corner. Jennings’ pass went nearly out to 37th street, but Holiday recovered and controlled it for a nice little hesitation pull up. O’Quinn and DJ Jazzy Jennings then connected on this little puppy:

Believe it or not the Jazz were getting annoyed with Jennings and really wanted to take the ball from him. That led to KOQ rumbling free. Extra cool points for the big jerk rim hang.

Getting back to Rose. The guy really does show some burst and creativity getting to the rim that this team desperately needs.

All in all, this was a good showing against a high quality opponent. You gotta see this as the Knicks taking another step in the right direction. Keep on pushing, babies.