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The Knicks wanted a defensive coach, so now Kurt Rambis does that job

The defense sucks at present.

NBA: New York Knicks at Chicago Bulls David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The Internet was aflame — aflame, I say! — this morning with reports that Phil Jackson is concerned about the lack of Triangle sets in the Knicks’ offense. Instead, let’s do like Jeff Hornacek and focus on something that actually matters:

New York’s defense is currently in shambles, rocking a league-worst defensive rating. Hornacek’s old defensive coordinator, Mike Longabardi, is now working for the Cavaliers, which is a pretty good job in my opinion. Kurt Rambis worked the position under Phil Jackson. If Hornacek goes outside the coaching staff, that would be a decent indication he’s not super high on Rambis’s input, at least on that side of the ball.

Hopefully this doesn’t turn into another D’Antoni/Woodson scenario, though I’m not terribly concerned. Hornacek has already used a defensive coordinator in the past, whereas Woodson was essentially forced on D’Antoni. Hornacek hasn’t shown a big ego thus far.

Personally, I’m thinking about former Knicks who would be perfect for the job. Jared Jeffries? Sheed? Hold up ... don’t we know somebody who is currently between jobs and is a mastered at taking the ball away from opponents?

Pablo Prigioni for Knicks’ Defensive Coordinator! He won’t say all the secrets, but he’ll say enough.

UPDATE: Welp. They chose Kurt Rambis.

As Joe mentioned in the initial version of this post, Rambis has been Phil Jackson’s defensive coach in the past. This is not a very inspiring move, as Rambis is a bad basketball coach. But hey, if Phil had Rambis coordinating his defenses in the past, he’s gotta be good at that at least, right? Nope!

Yeah, that’s super reassuring. The guy Jeff Hornacek chose (read: was probably strong-armed into choosing by Phil) to shore up the Knicks’ awful defense is someone who is terrible at coaching it. Knicks!