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Kristaps Porzingis feels ‘a little pinch’ in his knee because 2016 ain’t over yet

It’s not serious...but I don’t trust knees.

NBA: New York Knicks at Sacramento Kings Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

The year 2016 has for the most part been — how can I put this delicately? — a continuous stream of bowel releases from a pod of blue whales. But it’s almost over, right? Nothing’s gonna stop us now!


And then we get news that Kristaps Porzingis, the warm light at the center of existence, has been experiencing what he describes as “a little pinch” in his knee of late, which tends to disappear after warm ups.

Coach Jeff Hornacek explained the injury to reporters, per Stefan Bondy:

“(It’s) in the muscle,” Hornacek said. “So they continue to work on that to try to get him loose. I think sometimes that gets tight on him or catches him a little bit. Nothing structurally wrong but I think it’s in the muscle. He said that’s happened to him last year [at] times.”

The Celtics, Pacers and Heat may be under-performing this season, but it’s important never to forget the Knicks’ true eternal rival: knees. Is this responsible for Kristaps’ recent stretch of crappy shooting (31% over his last five games)? Perhaps, but he’s also rebounding and defending at an even higher level than who the hell knows?

Hornacek seems to think his young Unicorn has been pressing:

“When you try to score too much then it’s almost like you start pressing. Instead of letting it come, slowing it down a little bit. Sometimes he’s making a good hard move, and the first move is open, and he’s already got thought on what’s my second move. That happens when you’re a young player. I told him to take his time. Continue to remember that you’re 7-3. That you can just take your time and you’re still going to get your shot off.”

That makes sense. Here’s hoping Kristaps gets back to his early-season form Sunday night and we never hear about this knee problem ever again.