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Knicks practice notes: Carmelo Anthony, Derrick Rose ponder injuries, possibly sitting out

Rose’s back is still troubling him, while Melo is experiencing general wear-and-tear.

New York Knicks v Phoenix Suns Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Knicks held a practice Wednesday in preparation for Thursday’s “Battle of the Super Teams” against the Golden State Warriors. The general theme from the post-practice comments seemed to be tired, ailing veterans debating whether or not they should sit out.

Derrick Rose seems a bit frustrated with his recent back troubles, particularly since he has played very well of late. He’s not sure about his status for Thursday, but stressed that he’s going to be smart about his health:

Don’t play, dude.

There has been some talk of getting some rest for Carmelo Anthony, who has shot the ball poorly of late. It was revealed that the Knicks had planned to sit Melo for last week’s game against the Cavaliers, but Melo decided late in the day that he would go ahead and play. Given the ass-whooping handed down by the Cavs, Melo damn well should have sat.

Jeff Hornacek isn’t averse to sitting Melo: “If he needs a break, we’ll give him a break.”

He needs a break. He shouldn’t play either.

Here’s more from Hornacek:

There have been some questions in the press regarding Hornacek’s decision to play the bench unit deep into the fourth quarter on Tuesday, which is freakin’ ridiculous. Brandon Jennings wasn’t playing well, Melo wasn’t playing well, and when they finally got back into the game they rewarded Hornacek’s faith by...not playing well.

Keep trusting your gut, Hornacek. You’re doing a fine job out there.