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Kristaps Porzingis’s relatives dropped the hottest a cappella song in the history of Latvian awards shows

Kristaps Porzingis won Latvia’s Athlete of the Year award for 2016 because no shit. And since Latvia is superior to America in every possible way, it stood to reason that his acceptance speech would put the ESPY’s, Oscars and Nobel Prize ceremonies to shame.

But Kristaps doesn’t even need to be in the building to make a memorable evening. Any member of the Porzingis family is capable of bringing the house down. Kristaps’ grandmother, great aunt and other various relatives — known as the “Suitu” ladies — accepted the award on the Unicorn’s behalf. It was glorious:

Drop the beat, ladies...

What we would like to wish our Porzingis tonight, tonight.

Wish you good health and all of the work gets easily done.

All those jealous sights should stay away from you.

All the glory and fame for Kristaps while living in America.

God give Kristaps opportunity to stay at such a high level for a long, long time.

I wish I could get married again, just so my wife could walk down the aisle to this song.