A P&T Philly Trip!

Hey everybody! Tired of lambasting and hating the Knicks from the comfort of your couch/computer/desk? Well, you're in luck! As it happens there's a game on March 3 against the 76ers (on a Friday) with tickets going for $20 on stubhub! I suggest we rent an airBNB for the night, take the train to Philly from NYC, watch the game and party in Philly that night all for cheaper than any Knicks game at MSG! So far lpad, Ghost of Kristaps Past, fracon, Muruju, and AJJA_de_mann have all said they're in so far. Trying to plan this well ahead of time so we can book a nice place; get all the tickets together, and be set to go in 3 months! Comment if you're interested or e-mail me @

Thanks and go fuck a biscuit everybody!