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Hawks 102, Knicks 98 (OT): Scenes from an an ugly game even by Knicks-Hawks standards

Melo got ejected, Rose missed everything late, and this game sucked.

NBA: New York Knicks at Atlanta Hawks Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday’s overtime loss in Atlanta was already ugly long before Carmelo Anthony earned an ejection for hitting Thabo Sefolosha in the face late in the second quarter. The Knicks did a good job of rallying in his absence, building the lead up to 8 in the third, but these are still the Knicks...they can’t stand success. The Hawks took the lead as pretty much everyone on the Knicks’ second unit struggled.

New York managed to take back a slight advance thanks to a couple of tasty three-pointers, but then Rose decided to take (and miss) all the shots. We went to overtime, and the team dicked around and a bunch of questionable calls were made and that looked to be all she wrote.

At least Kristaps Porzingis kept things interesting with a huge block and VINTAGE ROOKIE KRISTAPS PUT-BACK!!!

The team had an excellent chance late in OT, but Rose fell down like a dummy. Kristaps had a chance to draw even toward the end, but missed a free throw. Ballgame. At least the guys showed some gumption with Courtney Lee out and Melo tossed. Respect their gumption!

Earlier in the game KP hit Dwight Howard with a nasty-ass crossover, and of course the big baby (not to be confused with Big Baby) responded with a Flagrant-1 foul.

Let’s get a closer look, shall we?

Screw you, Dwight!

Derrick Rose pulled all sorts of tricks out of his bag early in this one...

...which gave him the confidence to try a string of more and more insane shots when it toward the end of regulation. Oh well...looks good in the highlights, I guess.