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Game Thread: Knicks at Rockets- 12/31/16

NBA: New York Knicks at Houston Rockets Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Good evening. Happy New Year! Joe is taking a vacation, so I’m driving the sleigh again for the next week. Joe left me with a doozy of a game to cover: the Knicks playing a team basically designed to destroy them on a New Year’s Eve SEGABABA. Wisely but unfortunately, New York’s taking a bit of rest to mark the occasion:

For Houston, the wonderful Patrick Beverley (whose presence has coincided with much of their success, for whatever that’s worth) is out:

I think the Rockets will crush the Knicks, but you never know. I’ll watch just the same. You don’t have to if you don’t want to. Tip-off’s at 8 on MSG. Please be nice in the comments, don’t post large photos or GIFs or videos or links to illegal streams. If you’re going out, take care of your mind and body and have fun. No drinking and driving!

Go the Knicks.