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This Week In Knicks Social Media: Wrongs are righted, mysteries are revealed

In Instagram as in basketball, the devil’s in the details

To begin with this week, a great oversight must be corrected. In last week’s paean to rising media star Marshall Plumlee, Fcpress pointed out that I had completely missed a very important post.

I’m sure you remember that Marshall and Willy (and maybe Ron Baker) spent Thanksgiving at Justin Holiday’s house. If you didn’t, you sure won’t forget now because here are the boys Rock Band-ing out.

Rocked out with the teammates at @Justholla7 place for Thanksgiving! #Knicks

A video posted by Marshall Plumlee (@marshallplumlee40) on

Sadly, not reproduced in the embed is the location Marshall tagged: “Justin House.”

On the subject of callbacks and our ripest of Plums, after the stirring win over the wolf cubs of Minnesota everyone on the team posted the same photo, including our boy Marshall.


A photo posted by Marshall Plumlee (@marshallplumlee40) on

Now for the close-up on Marshy’s face and oh! what’s that in the comments?

Cheese burn

Hell yeah! Mindaugas with the cheese burn!

Kuz (or at least the online version) has been pretty low key this week, but close inspection of his page also reveals gems. Earlier in the week he posted this picture of himself and Melo:

Game day!!!

A photo posted by Mindaugas Kuzminskas (@mkuzminskas) on

Pretty generic NBA player IG post, right? But another dive into the comments and we discover the first signs that #1 Knicks Celebrity Row interviewee and somewhat mysteriously famous person with ballerina girlfriend Ansel Elgort is a vocal Kuzminskas fan:

tiny dancers unite!

It’s only a matter of time before these guys are on a double date to see Coppélia.

Our final dive into the details looks at our fearless leader, the digital athlete, Carmelo Anthony. Melo is mostly on-brand (and his brand is pretty awesome) and it can be hard to peek behind the curtain and see what feels like the “real” Melo. This week we have a couple of little clues.

First let’s remember that Melo is married to La La, a pretty amazing woman who has a pretty amazing knack for busting on her man (see the bodega bathrobe incident). This Sunday night after a hard foul and a good win, LaLa gave us this gem:

I love these two.

And Melo? Save for the once in a lifetime glazed donut face ass, does he ever crack? Maybe. The posts are always on message. But the page?

melo fux with us

Tell us how you really feel, Me7o.

In another exciting development we have one of the greatest Knicks mysteries of our time, finally solved. Yeah, that one. Sasha’s hashtag. The saga of Sasha’s hashtag has lasted lo these many weeks of TWiKSM. The mystery has spanned murals, pendants, families and “fam.” And now we know.

After investigation, I can now tell you that the pendent Sasha was given by his chosen family just before Thanksgiving is of his favorite hasghtag #nekotoodgorevidisve

#nekotoodgorevidisve #knicks

A photo posted by Sasha Vujacic (@sashavujacic) on

neko to od gore vidi sve means something like ‘someone is watching from above’ or ‘from on top one sees everything’ (thanks to the comments again!) and just happens to be a 1983 hit song from famous Yugoslav singer Đorđe Balašević.

Mystery solved!

However, no sooner is one mystery solved than another pops up. You may recall Brandon Jennings has a son named Legend Truth, who recently celebrated his first birthday by eating a cake of his father in the first installment of this column. Which I would link to but the video has been deleted. However! We now have this video ...

Ok Truth. I see you

A video posted by Brandon Jennings (@brandonjennings) on

... of an adorable child, apparently named “Truth,” playing basketball (well) in a Jennings Knicks jersey. Is this Legend Truth? This child is older than one or this child will be the greatest basketball player of all time. Is this another Truth? How many Truths are there? What is truth, anyway?