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Derrick Rose will miss Friday’s game, highlighting the Knicks’ need for a third point guard

Even if Rose were healthy, the Knicks have been playing with fire by only keeping two PG’s on the roster.

NBA: New York Knicks at Minnesota Timberwolves Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Lost amid the avalanche of insane bullshit that followed in the wake of the Knicks’ blowout loss to Cleveland on Wednesday was the fact that, hey, with Derrick Rose on the shelf with a back injury, the team only had one true point guard. Did that lose them the game? Absolutely not. They could have suited up prime Clyde Frazier and still lost to the Cavs. But it highlights a critical flaw that has been apparent since before the start of the season.

Yo, if Derrick Rose or Brandon Jennings misses a game, who the hell is the backup point guard? I mention this again because ... oh, I dunno ...

Rose and Jennings have been remarkably healthy up to this point, but the odds of both of them playing an entire season was always nil. What the hell did Phil Jackson & Co. think was going to happen when one of them sat?

Wednesday’s game was just about as close to an auto-loss as the Knicks are gonna get this season; Friday night’s game against Sacramento, however, is a game they should very much hope to win. And as much as we here at P&T love us some Sasha Vujacic, playing him at point guard isn’t going to help matters.

The Knicks have another problem: The non-roster point guard they’ve been grooming in Westchester, Chasson Randle, has struggled mightily since returning from a orbital bone fracture in his face. His shooting has lagged behind (39.1 FG%, 25.6 3P%) and he’s averaging nearly as many turnovers (3.0) as assists (3.1). I’m not saying he’s a lost cause — getting one’s eye bone busted up has a tendency to affect one’s game — but he’s not ready for NBA action at this point.

Hopefully Rose is able to heal up by Sunday. Even if he does, though, the organization should use this as a wake up call. The Knicks need to be proactive about finding a third point guard, and they might have to look beyond Westchester to find one.