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Carmelo Anthony's plan to rehab his knee during the All-Star break

Melo and the Knicks will be taking care of that knee in Toronto.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Carmelo Anthony's balky knee is on the minds of Knicks fans these days -- we suffer through his doctor-prescribed rest days and freak out when Kurt Rambis plays him too many minutes. But what shall become of his knee between now and Friday, Feb. 19, when they take on the Brooklyn Nets? Will he be gallivanting with Kevin Hart and Sting instead of rehabbing?

Fear not, for Melo and the Knicks have developed a rehab plan to carry him through the All-Star break. According to Marc Berman, the Knicks will probably send assistant trainer Anthony Goenaga to Toronto to work with their star forward. As for the All Star Game itself, Melo will ask East team coach Tyronn Lue to limit his minutes if he feels it necessary. Per Berman:

"The game I'm not really too concerned. There's not much of a load in the game. It's a program that I have that I will be sticking to starting [Thursday] morning, and I'll be sticking to that until we come back. I'm totally locked into this week, week and a half, and I'm looking forward to that.''

We learned last season just how important the All-Star Game is for Melo; he was never going to skip it. At least he and the team have a program in place for the next week. Maintaining health should be the Knicks' top priority.