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Introducing Latrell Sprewell's Twitter account: A gift to mankind

Spree is on Twitter, and it's wonderful.

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Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

February 1, 2016 was a momentous day in the history of social media ... nay of media in general. Unbeknownst to many of us in the lame-stream basketball press, Knicks legend and noted food provider Latrell Sprewell finally joined Twitter.

And, yes, his account is everything we all dreamed it would be. Let's start with the aesthetics:

Everything you need to know about the man is right here. We've got Madison Square Garden in the background, and Spree looking rather dashing in a green sweater, cooking up a pot of ... Milwaukee's Best? True Spree fans will recall that "Milwaukee's Best" was the name of his yacht. Spree is dropping Easter eggs in his avatar photo; it works on so many levels.

As for the tweets themselves, you better believe Sprewell wasted no time in letting the world know where he stands:

Can you even imagine another athlete dropping that kind of fire one minute after joining Twitter? Hell no. His name is Latrell Sprewell, and he just wants the world to know that Donald Trump tells the truth! Dude took to social media the way Rey took to The Force in the latest Star Wars movie, mastering it almost too quickly.

So what else have we learned from just two short weeks of Sprewell's Twitter account. So much, my friends ... so, so much.

1. Spree loves his fans

2. Spree is still looking out for his family.

Latrell Sprewell is responsible for the single most powerful fatherhood-related quote in NBA history: "I've got my family to feed." More than a decade later, he is still out here trying to provide the best for his wife and son.

Seriously, I wish my dad were out there on Twitter trying to help me meet my favorite athletes.

3. Spree loves wrestling (and wrestling loves him back)

A good 15-20% of Sprewell's retweets are wrestling-related.

This exchange between Sprewell and Sean "X-Pac" Waldman is something I shall cherish forever:

4. Spree is partial to inspirational tweets from Deion Sanders's son, as well as Mark Twain quotes from Ricky Williams

5. Spree's basketball memorabilia collection is eclectic

6. This one picture spans the first 10-12 years of my Knicks fandom

So welcome to Twitter, Latrell Sprewell. The social media world is a better place for you having entered it.