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Kristaps Porzingis dominates NBA Rising Stars practice, as he dominates all things

There is only one TRUE Rising Star.

Al Bello/Getty Images

What's the Latvian word for "Tim Hortons"? Kristaps Porzingis is taking over our the sovereign nation of Canada Friday, as the biggest star in the history of basketball descends upon the city of Toronto for the 2016 NBA Rising Stars Game.

Naturally, he brought the whole family along for the ride.

Friday morning was taken up by a brief practice, followed by a cavalcade of media events. Kristaps was everywhere. He's a star, a bright, shining star.

@kporzee gets loose at the #bbvarisingstars practice! #KnicksTOthe6

A video posted by New York Knicks (@nyknicks) on

Positively hypnotic. I could watch this all day. Here is some practice stuff, featuring Kristaps being tall and awesome, while also wearing flashy shoes:

After practice he engaged in a tough "Kris vs. Kris" showdown with NBA TV's Kristen Ledlow:

I'm fairly certain Ms. Ledlow was standing on her tip-toes for this photo.

The NBA unveiled Porzingis's Rising Stars jersey. Get 'em while they're hot!

The official jersey for @kporzee! #KnicksTOthe6

A photo posted by New York Knicks (@nyknicks) on

He had a nice little Facebook Q & A with his fans. He likes Shaq, his mom's cooking, and his eggs cooked over-medium, because he's classy as hell.

Fellow rookie D'Angelo Russell was also hanging out the press area, and he shared a nice little moment with Kristaps:

And you better believe Kristaps cares...

In conclusion, Kristaps is perfect in every way.