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A street in Queens has been named after Anthony Mason

147th Street in South Jamaica, Queens will be renamed after the Queens native and Knick legend.

Simon Bruty/Getty Images

A street in South Jamaica, Queens will be renamed to honor Knick legend and fan favorite, Anthony Mason. This is a distinguished salute for a wonderful man that left us much too soon. This February 28th will actually mark a year since his passing.

Speaking of passing, he sure could dish for such a mighty fella. Mason made such a massive imprint on the Knicks teams I grew up with. A relentless competitor and oh-so crafty ball player. Those lefties, boy, hard to guard! Anthony is currently fast breaking through the universe and pump-faking planets but now you'll always be able to visit him on 147th Street between Rockaway Boulevard and 123rd Avenue after the City Council voted to rename 42 streets in the city.

If you'll check out the above map, you'll notice that the part of 147th named for Mase is not too far from Cuttys Hair Studio (ask for Freddy) and a similar stroll will take you to Springfield Gardens High School, who recently renamed their gym after that old grizzly bear. Maybe coast on by Cuttys to get something etched in your head. Then show it off as you head back over to catch a Golden Eagles game.

Many thanks should be heaped on Ruben Wills (who bears an uncanny resemblance in name and face to Knicks General Manager Steve Mills). Mr. Wills submitted the proposal on the Mason family's behalf. Feel free to thank the councilman, and tell him Posting and Toasting sent ya. He seems to be a pretty affable gent.

Seriously though, Wills and Mills: never seen in the same place. What gives?