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Carmelo Anthony elected to the NBA Players Association Executive Committee

Rejoice, comrades!

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Workers of the world, unite! Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony has been selected to serve on the NBA Players Association Committee as a vice-president. The nine-member committee includes some of his closest friends, including fellow vice-president LeBron James, as well as union president Chris Paul. Melo replaces the retired Willie Green, and will serve a term of three years.

Long live #Me70 Thought!

Per the Associated Press:

"We expect Carmelo to make an immediate contribution to our union," NBPA Executive Director Michele Roberts said in a statement. "He's passionate, has the respect of the players, and I'm sure he will have a strong point of view during the collective bargaining process."

The union and owners must decide by December if they want to opt out of the Collective Bargain Agreement at the end of the 2016-17 season. Melo stressed the need for a true, open dialogue between the two parties:

"I hope we can come to an agreement sooner rather than later. We don't want another work stoppage," Anthony said. "We've just got to sit down at the table. I think now it's talking about more important issues than what we've talked about in the past. We've got to just be transparent with one another."

Melo is himself the owner of a pro sports team -- Puerto Rico FC of the North American Soccer League -- but don't expect him to go soft on the NBA owners. He's an intelligent, versatile guy, and he's certainly not afraid to stand up for what he believes in. I expect him to work diligently on behalf of the NBA proletariat.

Now, let all us join in singing "The Internationale."