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Coach Rambis and crew said some interesting things after practice

Rounding up some Knicks quotes.

Tallness. Real.
Tallness. Real.
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks are getting back together after the All-Star break and coach Kurt Rambis, along with some of your favorite Knicks, had some quotes worth noting after their practice session today.

Just to clear the air right off the bat:

Yep that should fill you with a resolute and absolute clarity. If you didn't hear it: you'll never know if there is or isn't something to probably even say you know about. You know? The Knicks have very little to offer (as far as trades go) unless they decide to completely change course on this season. They seem intent on following an upward trajectory.

So there's that. If you're wondering how they'll reach that stated goal without an influx of talent, perhaps you should think on these two items.

While I disagree that Arron Afflalo needs late game looks, he should be getting the ball in certain stretches to help patch together an Anthony and/or Porzingis dry spell. He can get buckets on the low block against most opponents. For some reason I'd rather give it to Robin Lopez than Afflalo in a late game situation, but I'm not their coach. Also, for what it's worth, I don't fully trust Afflalo's perimeter touch. So I guess i get it.

This makes sense. If, of course, you want your coach to tell the players what to do all the time. I gotta see this in action, but simplifying the action for Rambis doesn't make me feel great about the future though. So, let's just talk about the future, shall we?

Excellent! We want you here too, young Flamingo! We'll feed you all the shrimp in the whole world. Pinken you up. I hope the fans, media, hangers-on and passersby aren't too much to deal with.

Uh oh. That sounds inundating and claustrophobic. I'm sorry you're dealing with that, big fella. I just hope you have some sort of Flamingo sanctuary you can fly away to when you get a chance.

Oh good! Well, you're always welcome to crash at my place too. I'm sure you can kneel down to fit through the doorway. On second thought, you should probably stay with your family. Mine might not be equipped to take you in.

Ah, the future. She is a bright one.