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NBA Trade Rumors: Kurt Rambis, Carmelo Anthony don't expect a deadline move

The head coach and star forward are on point.

Elsa/Getty Images

With fewer than 24 hours before the trade deadline, reporters were hot to ask Knicks head coach Kurt Rambis and star (and maybe/kinda trade chip???) Carmelo Anthony all sorts of trade-related questions Wednesday afternoon. ESPN New York's Ian Begley got the full quotes.

First, Rambis:

"Anything that comes up, I'm sure [Phil Jackson and Steve Mills] will address it with me and ask the opinion of the coaching staff and what they think, but nothing's come out."

This fascinates me. I mean, he is the head coach at the moment, as well as a longtime Zen Master disciple. But how much would they really consult an interim coach? Hey Kurt, we were going to deal Kevin Seraphin for a second-rounder, but we wouldn't think of moving ahead until we get your opinion on how his absence will affect the next 27 games.

As for Melo:

"If you don't hear anything as of now, I doubt we're probably even doing something. But you never know. This game over the years has done some weird things. We've still got to 3 p.m. [Thursday] to try to figure something out. I haven't been hearing anything. The guys on the team, seems like they haven't been hearing anything."

Melo's been on a "I'm not going anywhere ... for now" kick of late; moreover, he seems to be in lockstep with the organization's "don't expect much" mantra. It's kind of refreshing, really. This team looked to be on the verge of anarchy following the Derek Fisher firing. At least the players, coaches and management are on the same, super-boring wavelength: nothing's going on. Whether or not the Rambis and Melo are actually telling the truth, now that is a different story altogether.