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The Knicks did nothing at the trade deadline


Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

We heard nothing would happen, and indeed nothing happened: The trade deadline came and went without a Knicks deal. We know they called about every guard of any significance rumored to be available (and kept calling right through today), but ultimately did not acquire anyone (not even Kevin Martin, thankfully). They either didn't have or didn't want to part with the necessary assets to get anyone. They also didn't deal away Jose Calderon's contract or find a taker for Arron Afflalo or Derrick Williams. Either way, they want you to know they looked around.

Meanwhile, some lesser guards did change teams ...

... but the Knicks didn't get in that action, which is very fine. Perhaps they'd rather just sign someone. Maybe they'll sit tight and play out the string.

Speaking of signing someone, that is very much a possibility. It'd be a surprise if the Knicks just let their roster spot sit unused:

Oh well. Trades are exciting, but it is so much better to do nothing than to do something rash. The Knicks, who practiced and scrimmaged today, will do their best to awake and chase the playoffs after a miserable pre-break stretch. Meanwhile, the front office will assess Kurt Rambis in the context of a coaching search and look ahead to a summer in which New York can actually do some things. There is ample time and space to improve.