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Knicks 103, Timberwolves 95: "Shoo losing streak, shoo."

Kurt Rambis should buy Robin Lopez dinner tonight.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

I'm sure Kurt Rambis had an extra emphasis on this game because the last time he was a head coach it was in Minnesota. You know, maybe it's just another friendly game of basketball to him. What do I care? The Knicks came out spry to begin both halves and established themselves as the aggressors. The Wolves kept on hunting though and hacked several chunks off the lead in quick bursts. Ultimately they didn't pack enough to eat and they ended up fighting one another for rebounds and transition chances as the Knicks just rationed everything out and coasted to a big win.

The Knicks have been desperate for a win and this one was decisive, but doesn't feel like there is a false hope behind it. Walt Clyde Phraser politely asked the losing streak to kick rocks, and I'm sure everyone feels a little pressure release because of it. Let's end this thing...

- Tayshaun Prince is a 6'9" anthropomorphic black eyed pea.

- Karl-Anthony Towns might be one of maybe three guys that have the length and lift to contest a Porzingis hook shot. Towns basically tripled all of Kristaps' statistics, including minutes. Foul trouble was mostly the culprit for Kristaps.

- Robin Lopez had Gorgui Dieng's brains in a head lock in the early stages. Rumbling underneath him for fantastic position. Sixteen points and 7 rebounds in the first quarter. You know who else had 16 points in the first quarter? The whole Timberwolves team. I really believe Lopez is a better option in the post than Arron Afflalo. He can hook it in over both shoulders with accuracy and he doesn't force any turnaround fade-away nonsense. Plus he's gonna chase that pumpkin until it goes in or goes the other way.

- Lance Thomas' shot is working a little more like the trebuchet it was modeled after. His first shot (from the corner) crumpled into the side of the backboard. His next shot was a direct hit.

- Some nice minutes from Kyle O'Quinn was nice to see. He set a lot of little banana peels all over the defensive end and even led a cantankerous breakaway. It certainly wasn't fast, but it worked. His play of the day was a nice dish to Lance for a slam.

- Carmelo Anthony tried to wipe Shabazz Muhammad's windshield. Unfortunately Shabazz drives on the other side of the street and Carmelo brutally smacked him in the face. Shabazz seemed to understand that it was accidental, even though it's an unorthodox way to block shots. While we're on the topic of Carmelo, he was seemingly uninterested in shooting the ball to start the game. He was satisfied instead to move the ball and let his teammates get something going (as evident by Lopez going completely off). Then Sasha Vujacic took the first shot he could find and the Dad-gloves came off. Thirty points and 11 rebounds and 4 assists for Dad Melo.

I think he had another bucket or two after that tweet was sent. Still it's nice to watch Carmelo's ascent.

- Zach LaVine has a tribal tattoo shaved into his head.

- Speaking of things that are downright awful, may I present my latest creation: Errant Laugh LOL o:

Those two trashcapades happened moments apart. Somehow this guy was only credited with three turnovers. I could have sworn I saw 10 or 12 more. Add to that, he neglected to make extra passes several times in obvious situations. Stuff like this:

- Call me crazy but Langston Galloway can handle the seven minutes that Sasha Vujacic played, and Rambis could cut the rotation to nine. He's the best guard on the team. Not the third best guard.

- Melo got a whistle in the ear AGAIN!

- Game ball goes to Robin Lopez. The guy was just unstoppable tonight. Put that in your mushroom tea and drink it.

Nice stuff, Knicks. Sit tight tomorrow, folks. Maybe go play basketball at a park or something. But Monday night we'll meet back here and tear our hair out when the Knicks face the Raptors at home.