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Watch Jimmer Fredette play in Westchester before he joins the Knicks this week

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks are going to sign Jimmer Fredette this week. On one hand, Jimmer is a bit of a gunner who plays little defense and has squandered multiple NBA opportunities, so...why? On the other hand, Jimmer is one of the most dominant players in the whole D-League, and plays for New York's affiliate at a major position of need, so...why not? On both hands, Jimmer probably won't spin much if at all in Kurt Rambis's rotation, and the Knicks don't seem to be headed anywhere special this season anyway, so...whatever! It'll be fun! If only for the change of pace, I'm excited to have Jimmer around. So's Melo:

(He's excited. I promise.)

Anyway, you may think you know Jimmer's game, and I bet you're mostly right, but if you want a look at him in his element before he swaps jerseys, tune in here at 1 PM: