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Knicks break out the low table, sign Jimmer Fredette to a 10-day deal

Jimmer! Low table! The stars are out.

The New York Knicks brought out an old friend to welcome their newest member into the fold:

Jimmer Fredette might be a big name thanks to his impressive career at BYU, but he has a long way to go if he wants to match the legendary status of the low table. Seriously, how does that thing not have a banner hanging in the MSG rafters?

Jimmer is the second Westchester Knick to sign a 10-day deal with the big club this season. Thanasis Antetokounmpo signed on January 29 ... on a regular-sized table. CONSPIRACY ALERT!

Skeptics will point out that Thanasis signed his deal on the road, while Jimmer signed back at the Knicks' complex; personally, the whole thing smacks of favoritism!!!

Will Jimmer prove worthy of the lofty status the organization has already provided him? He'll have 10 days to do so, starting Monday night against Toronto.