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Practice notes: Phil Jackson drops in, a starter may drop out

Can you teach them not to suck, Phil?

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, these are trying times in the land of Knicks. The team was non-competitive for the final three quarters of Monday night's home loss to the Toronto Raptors. They've lost ... a whole mess of games this month (I ran out of fingers to count them all).

With the team in crisis mode, the patriarch stepped in to watch Tuesday's practice.

Defense! Why that's just crazy enough to work! Apparently the major players in New York's front office joined the Zen Master in watching practice. (And, of course, Isola gonna Isola):

Mr. Gaines, if you are reading this, please don't leave us!!! You're the best, and we need your wisdom now more than ever.

Carmelo Anthony is pissed off, but Rambis isn't pissed that Carmelo is pissed?

If he enjoys angry, frustrated players, he's certainly come to the right place!

The biggest, juiciest news morsel of the day was Rambis's evasive response to questions about the starting lineup.

Isola tweeted that Jose Calderon could be one facing demotion, but that is probably just conjecture. Given the fact that New York's three frontline starters are actually good, and the organization's unrelenting love of Arron Afflalo, Calderon is a probably a good guess.

Will we see a new starting five Wednesday night? That would certainly be something.