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Knicks 108, Magic 95: Scenes from a much-needed respite

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Hey that was pretty fun! The Magic showed up to Madison Square Garden kinda ragged, so the Knicks balled 'em up and mopped the floor with them. But for a stupid mini-run in the third quarter fueled by a play in which the refs seemed to arbitrarily award Aaron Gordon 19 free throws, the Knicks dominated the action. Kurt Rambis played something approaching a sensible rotation, and he got a dynamic if not accurate game from Carmelo Anthony, a fine Kristaps Porzingis performance, and very solid contributions from everyone else, right through the bench. A few things to look at:

Jose Calderon started the game super hot and kinda stopped shooting after that, but it was lovely to see him find some range early:

Jerian Grant got to play! He had his moments, particularly running the pick-and-roll with Kristaps:

Porzingis had a lovely, easy offensive performance overall, thriving a lot by just filling space and finishing:

And while the rim didn't treat him well, Melo looked particularly light on his feet. That pass up there ^^^ was gorgeous, and so were these moves to get to the basket:

Good game, Knicks. Keep doing that if you can!