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Fancy-pants school nerds Robin and Brook Lopez are writing a comic book


Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Typical of snooty West Coast elites, twins Robin Lopez and Brook Lopez enjoy reading and creativity and stuff. Now that they're both located in the same city, the Lopezeses are collaborating on a comic book, along with other media ventures. Per Fred Kerber:

"Robin and I have actually been doing a series of covers right now with some of our characters. That's pretty much as specific as I can be. It's all original character stuff so it wouldn't make any sense anyway. I don't know when they would be coming out but we're absolutely working on it.

"At Stanford, [creative writing] was what I was going to major in. I did playwriting, creative writing, short story, novelization. ... Now, it's not all super hero, not all comic book. It's various genres. Television, movie, short stories. All original."

These guys always be throwing out the casual "At Stanford..." segue, like we're supposed to be soooooo impressed. Seven of the university's 19 Nobel laureate faculty members won for economics, which everybody knows is a fugazi Nobel category. I didn't learn how to be all literate at some university, and I still be well at the reading and writing!

Anyway, Robin will do the artwork while Brook focuses on writing. All other details are being kept from the public because this is the 21st-century Manhattan Project, I guess. P&T will keep you updated as details emerge. Excelsior!