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Cleanthony Early practiced with the team in Detroit; Jose Calderon expected to play

Much news! All good!

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Knicks fans could certainly use some happy news right about now, am I right? Well we've got some! Not all of the news will help the Knicks on the court in Thursday night's battle with the Pistons, mind you, but it will still warm the cockles of your heart.

Look who traveled with the team to Detroit and participated in the shootaround:

Praise be to almighty Jah, it's Cleanthony Early!

Cle has been recuperating since that horrific shooting on Dec. 30. It's a tremendous sign that he is well enough not only to travel, but to get some light basketball-related work in with his mates. Hopefully he'll be cheering from the sidelines Thursday night.

Oh, and he might just be able to watch the glorious return of Jose Calderon:

I think we've all learned to appreciate the Ham Maestro's contributions during his absence; the Knicks just weren't the same without him. The Knicks smacked around the Pistons the last time they met, but that was in New York -- the Pistons are much tougher at The Palace. Also, the Knicks kinda suck right now. They need all the support they can get, moral or otherwise.