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Wassup in Westchester: W-Knicks allow 21 three-pointers in loss to Maine

Maine Red Claws 119, W-Knicks 105

The Westchester Knicks gave up all the three-pointers in Saturday's 119-105 loss to the Maine Red Claws. All of them!

OK, Maybe not all the threes ... only 21 of them. Still, 21 threes is a bit excessive, wouldn't you say?

Not even the big Knicks have given up so many treys to an opponent in a single game -- the record for New York Knicks opponents is 19.

We salute you, Westchester, for not only upholding the Knick tradition of crappy defense, but taking it to bold new heights!


Jimmer Fredette:

Jordan Bachynski:

Gani Lawal:

We saw some nice pick-and-roll action from the W-Knicks, particularly between Jimmer Fredette and Jordan Bachynski. Obviously that kind of proficiency is critical for both players if they ever want an NBA career. Bachynski is a capable defender, but these days teams want a big man who can either dive to the basket or pop out and hit the J.

As for Jimmer, his timing couldn't be better -- Kristaps Porzingis had just mentioned to the press that the Knicks should run more pick-and-roll. He might as well make an end run around Knicks management by cobbling together a Jimmer PnR highlight tape and sending it to Kristaps's agent. "Hey Phil, what's good for Kristaps is good for the franchise, am I right? Now where should Jimmer sign?"

The loss snapped the W-Knicks' two-game winning streak. If they can't defeat the Celtics' affiliate, they're dead to me.