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The Knicks fired Derek Fisher

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

1. Man, I really thought Fish was shaping up to be a solid NBA coach despite an uneven, half-built roster.

2. There's still been something funky going on with the team for stretches of this season, as in this recent stretch, in which they've completely sat out halves of games. A scrappy but talent-sparse team that just can't win is one thing. A team that's not trying is another thing.

3. There had been hints for a little while now that Fisher's job might be in Jeopardy, and I think a lot of us kind of laughed at them. I suspect now that the deed is done, some unpleasant behind-the-scenes stuff is bound to come out. This is the part in which everyone buries the fresh corpse under stuff they wouldn't report before he got fired.

4. Wow, Phil. Now what?

5. Short answer: This. This is what, for the time being:

6. Long answer: These are the obvious names when Phil Jackson's doing the search:

7. And here's the official confirmation:

8. And here come the vultures!

I really can't imagine Tom Thibodeau getting the job, even with his record. He's got no connection to Phil Jackson and doesn't James Dolan still hate him?