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Highlights from Kurt Rambis's first press conference as head coach

He wants to win, which is cool.

Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Club president Phil Jackson wasn't the only prominent Knick to face the press Monday afternoon. Kurt Rambis is now head coach, which means facing the ravenous New York press horde (albeit in the most controlled environment possible).

OK, let's get down to the truly groundbreaking announcement: Rambis says his goal is to get the Knicks into the playoffs. Detractors will use this as more proof of the Knicks' brain trust being unrealistic, while others will point out that of course he friggin' said that. Seriously, what kind of interim coach starts out by publicly declaring that his team is boned? Me and my guys will play out the season, just quietly waiting for the cold embrace of death.

In more interesting news, Rambis might be bringing a friend along:

I think we all know what this means: Kobe Bryant is going to speed up his retirement and join the Knicks as an assistant coach after the All-Star break!

Perhaps future coach Kobe can help them out in this department:

Yet another statement to strike fear into our hearts! We won't know until later whether that means abandoning the spread pick-and-roll elements that Fisher has dabbled with on occasion. As I mentioned Saturday, the Knicks aren't running the fewest pick-and-roll plays in the league, but they are the NBA's least efficient pick-and-roll club. Every roll man they have is terrible with the notable exceptions of Carmelo Anthony (who hardly ever runs the play) and Kristaps Porzingis (who has said he wants to run it more). Rambis appears to be a much more zealous Triangularist than Fisher, which could lead the offense down any number of paths.

When all's said and done -- and let's face it, there's going to be sooooo much more said over the next few weeks -- Rambis at least seems content with the interim label.

That's good to hear. Perhaps what this franchise needs right now is a grizzled old caretaker, the kind of guy who knows his place and will return quietly to the shadows once Phil Jackson finds a suitable replacement.