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A video tribute to Wednesday's Sasha Vujacic eruption

The Machine went to work and it was oh so glorious!

March 8th is Sasha Vujacic's birthday. March 9th is the most revered day in history and a massive turning point in the elderly Slovenian's life and career. Not only did he break out of his decades long slump, he did it for the ladies.

Sasha just wished every woman you've ever known a very happy International Women's Day. Then he gave them roses and chocolate in basketball form. Reborn from the ashes and already pushing for his All-Star bid next season. This year I guess he'll just settle for most improved player as he guides Kurt Rambis and the New York Knicks to the NBA Playoffs and the ultimate goal of winning a playoff series. I bet his next contract is going to be laced with incentives.