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Phil Jackson spoke about the Knick coach, summer free agency, Carmelo and Kristaps

The Knicks president descended from Mount Twitter to mostly address the potential futures of Kurt Rambis, Carmelo Anthony, Kristaps Porzingis, and hypothetical Knicks.

Tired of rumormongering regarding mediocre quarterbacks? Then it was a good day to be a Knick fan! Phil Jackson manifested in Los Angeles and spoke about Kurt Rambis, Carmelo Anthony, hypothetical future Knicks, and Kristaps Porzingis. Of course, Phil basically never does what he says he's leaning toward or what others speculate he'll do, so take this with a grain of pink free-trade-bartered organically-harvested sea salt.

Is Phil cutting and running before his contract expires?

If it rhymes, it's gotta be true.

What's the status of Kurt Rambis and the head coaching gig?

Reply hazy. Try again.

But it ain't easy being cheesy.

So in other words...nobody knows anything.

The Melo status hot-potato game continues unabated:

The Knicks want somebody impactful this summer via free agency, but like last year, it might not be one big somebody

How, if at all, has the Rambis era progressed beyond the Fisher epoch?

One thing separating the interim from the ex-:

And finally, from the Department of Duh: the underweight rookie whose minutes have more than doubled already may be tired...

But he's still awesome.

It damn well better be.