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Game Thread: Knicks at Clippers- 3/11/16

Late basketball.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Do you like staying up really late to watch the New York Knicks face a team that usually embarrasses them? Well you're in luck, my friends! The boys in orange and blue are on the West Coast this evening to take on the Los Angeles Clippers, a team that has still has chunks of Knickerbockers in their stool from the 116-88 devouring which took place at MSG on Jan. 22.

Once again Arron Afflalo and Lance Thomas are out.

Sasha Vujacic will probably go for 30 points.

Tip-off tonight is at 10:30 PM. This is your game thread. This is Clips Nation. Please don't post large photos, GIFs, or links to illegal streams in this thread. Please be kind and respectful to one another, and stay calm. Go the Knicks!