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Clippers 101, Knicks 94: Scenes from a loss with plenty of Kristaps

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Listen. Whatever. I don't even know what the score was. Okay, I do, because I just looked at it to put it in the headline, but I don't care. It doesn't matter. I had fun. Kristaps Porzingis woke up and played a really aggressive second half, even if some dainty layups rolled off the rim. Jerian Grant didn't play nearly enough, considering the month and the record, but he got to the rim some in his 12 minutes. Robin Lopez outplayed DeAndre Jordan, even on the glass, and even took some time to thwart a couple Chris Paul drives (only a couple). Carmelo Anthony played a smooth, even game.

Let's look at a few things even though my Vinin' phone just died. Early on, Jeff Green was killin' Kristaps:

... but the second half was 100% Porzingis. Not everything dropped, but everything should have, and these ones did:

All that and 11 free throw attempts, which is: 1. Low, given the amount of contact he received 2. Awesome. His excess of finesse around the rim remains a thing to work on, but the sheer number of high-quality attempts made me feel great after watching him sputter a bit in recent games.

And hey, Robin Lopez forever:

I liked the game. I wish they won, but I liked the game. Recap coming later.