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Practice notes: Injury updates on Arron Afflalo and Lance Thomas

Afflalo may practice; Thomas may be out for a while.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Knicks should feel pretty not bad about themselves following a strong Friday night showing against the Clippers. But there are still practices to be practiced, and apparently Saturday's practice included Arron Afflalo, who missed the last two games with a strained abdomen.

Not gonna lie: It would be a damn shame to deny Sasha Vujacic the start Sunday against the Lakers and his former teammate Kobe Bryant. Why not sit out a few more games, Afflalo?

The injury update regarding Lance Thomas is not so optimistic:

Man, I miss Lance, that wacky bastard. Get well soon, brother.

As for the team itself, interim coach Kurt Rambis believes it has entered it's pupal phase ... soon it shall emerge as a beautiful butterfly:

Forget Rambis: Let's watch time-lapse photography of a butterfly instead.