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Warriors 121, Knicks 85: "Only the padded walls of P&T calm me down…"

Steph Blurry with the blow torch too close to your face.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

New York clearly wanted a down-tempo affair and only benefitted for a few minutes with Golden State missing open flicks and deep hoists to start. It took the Warriors nearly four minutes to get a bucket (an alley oop). It was a scant 9-6 Golden State lead with five minutes left in the first quarter. While the Knicks continued to hurriedly flop out some late-clock flung bung, the Warriors unfurled some unworldly ropes and daggers from 28+ feet out. Then the sponge-haired Steph Curry quickly put some scare in the Knicks with four three-pointers. New York succumbed to the Bay tempo and before long the Warriors were up by 20. If that weren't so normal, it'd be crazy. No time to vacuum, I'll just shake the rug out.

- If I were a smart young industrial oven entrepreneur, I'd move mountains to get Steph Curry to endorse my brand. My gimmick would be our outstanding gas ranges. Even if my actual selling point was the fantastic convection oven, it'd be all about the range. I'd name it after him too. Come on down to Stingy's and get a "Wardell Gas Range". They're not hot, but all ya gotta do is turn it on and they'll burn your dumb head off.

- While I'm giving you the gas face, Kristaps Porzingis had one of the worst games of his career. Porzingis honestly did not know what on earth to do with Draymond Green's volcanic chest and redwood limbs. Poor Kristaps just held the ball out in front of himself like a teddy bear and let that mean Dray man snatch it away and shred its head off. Terrible shooting night amid some herky-jerky minutes. The kid looks slower to react and maybe he's thinking his way through the game a little bit. There's still a good chunk of season to go here but Kristaps looks Porzingassed.

- Arron Afflalo came off the bench and played better defense than his -24 plus/minus would lead you to believe. Always checking on Curry and staying home when he was not in position to help. There isn't much you can do to these Warriors, so the simple task of manning your station is extremely important. After a bevy of screens and back cuts you might not know who your station is, but still, some solid effort and smarts from Afflalo. Arron ended up leading the team in minutes and chipped in a smidge on the offense with 15 points on 7-14 shooting. For comparison, Steph Curry shot 8-13 on just his three-point attempts.

- Golden State was 18-37 from downtown. New York was 7-19. That is a 33 point advantage. Might wanna take a look at that. Both teams took 91 total shots. Should definitely take a look at that.

- For the first time in ten-quadrillion moons, Carmelo Anthony didn't play 40 minutes. He got a Warrior-esque 30. That number is almost as much as the number the Knicks lost by. Not quite, but almost.

- It felt like Kurt Rambis had burned all of his timeouts with 5 minutes left in the third.

- Jose Calderon hurt his veal. The same one from last year. "My log has something to tell you," said Margaret.

- Jerian Grant and Langston Galloway got to spin and took some jumps forward in garbage time. Galloway in particular needed some shots to fall. Hopefully he can put together a nice run as the season winds down. He started off so well. The pair works well together on both ends. There is definitely room for improvement, but if this contest isn't a stark reality, I don't know what is.

- Last of all, Kevin Seraphin had a respectable game. Nobody knows how to play with him though. I'm sure he'll get an uptick in minutes as a result of this basically forgettable effort.

The final game of this windswept road trip is Saturday at 7:00 against the Washington Bullets. I'm sure the team will stop at a nice malt shop and get a couple dozen frosties for the flight home. If you're like Zombor and you need Posting and Toasting's padded walls, then I urge you to hang around through the doldrums. There's always something to get on about, and we'll be sure to keep you entertained.