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Forget Knicks-Warriors; Let me tell you about the Frosty I just ate


Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images

Let me tell you about a Frosty I just ate.

I passed by a Wendy's on my way home from work and thought to myself: "Man, I could really go for a Frosty." I hesitated for a moment -- do I really need a Frosty? -- until I remembered that the Knicks were going to play the Golden State Warriors. Hell yes, I needed a Frosty.

Anyway, I put the Frosty in the freezer when I got home, in order to save it for the game. I may have left it in there too long. The trick to enjoying the perfect Frosty is to make sure it's neither too warm nor too cold -- too warm and you wind up with runny chocolate goop, too cold and you're basically eating ice cream.

So, yeah, maybe I should have taken it out of the freezer 10 minutes earlier and let it melt just a bit. I was greedy and impatient. Still, it was a damn good Frosty.

Also the Knicks lost to the Warriors by the score of 121-85. This shit happened:

Stingy has the recap. Your local Wendy's may still be open.